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What is Therapy?

Are you “broken”? Will you be labeled “crazy”? What will people think of you if you need a therapist?! Those are the things that I (Richard) feared when I first came. I hated my job, felt a failure for my son, I didn’t find my marriage a loving one. So have the many soldiers, stay-at-home moms/dads, police officers, teachers, ministers, truck drivers, and unemployed I have seen.

Here, you are a person, not a “disorder”. You have a story, people who love you, and people you love. Or maybe you believe you do not. I sure didn’t.

This is not a court. No one is one trial. There are no bad people, only broken relationships and oppression. Instead, freedom begins here.

Mental health is an ongoing struggle for all of us. None of us are “sick”; we are just people wanting to have better. And we all have room to grow.

We will address the context of your life by considering needs for medicine, forgiveness, courage, faith, boundaries, relationships, new behaviors and new ways of thinking, all in collaboration. We will establish goals and consider many options. This is your life and together, we are the experts.

It is our job to help guide you to freedom and healing.

As privacy is often a concern, adult clients have a right to request no records be kept of their sessions.  You will be asked to complete a form for this request.